9 Ideas on Using a Self-Storage Unit

Forbes, in an article, described that the pandemic had given a boost to the valuation of the self-storage market in the USA. The annual growth rate of this market is expected to be 134.79% till the year 2025. The writer further describes that self-storage units can withstand recession which is why people have been purchasing and investing in them.

As the name suggests, a storage unit is a perfect place to store your belongings and household items that you may not need. These spaces are extremely safe and secure, so renting and purchasing has been an influx. But is it just another dumping yard for the things you do not need, or can you be more creative with the space? Here are some interesting ways you can make full use of the space.

Use space during home renovations

Homes need renovations, whether painting walls or fixing a major plumbing issue, from time to time. These fixes usually require the furniture and other belongings to be moved. It becomes extremely tedious to pile valuables in the garage or other room, risking them getting damaged. So instead, we’d recommend you look into renting a short-term storage unit. You can move your furniture and all other valuables timely before the renovations and move them back once they are done. Self-storage units are easy on the pockets and extremely secure that you do not need to worry about your things. Facilities like storage unit Lincoln, NE has 24 hours drive-up access that can allow you to unload the items directly in the unit from your vehicle.

As an Office Space

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees to work from home to curb the spread. In such times, the self-storage units became the savior. These pocket-friendly, extremely secure spaces provide the perfect setting for offices. People could abide by the safety protocols and rent spaces at low costs compared to commercial settings. It also was extremely beneficial for people who had difficulty finding a secluded corner at home to work in peace.

Despite the restrictions easing throughout the world, these self-storage units are still extremely popular as office spaces for individuals who are working from home or doing a remote job altogether.

Run a Business

Entrepreneurship has gained immense popularity in the past decade as many platforms provide the ease of launching ideas into successful ventures. Social media has made it easier to advertise and reach a huge clientele. But what most businesses struggle with is finding a decent space for day-to-day operations. Small, home-based businesses are mostly run from the comforts of the living room. It becomes a hassle for the owner and their families when the paperwork and the products are smeared all across the room.

If you are a business owner looking for a more professional setting for your company, the answer is a self-storage unit. You do not have to worry about securing an entire room at home for your operations while disrupting the lives of your family members. You can also save up tons renting out these units compared to commercial spaces, putting a huge dent in your monthly budget.

As an Art Studio

Art enthusiasts know how much space their paintings can take up. There are old paintings piled by the corner and unlimited supplies that need to be kept safely. It isn’t easy to devote an entire room to a studio with increasing rents and general expenditures. Many artists also complain that they find it hard to concentrate and work in-home settings.

We’d recommend looking into self-storage units to keep that artist alive in you. You’ll have the entire space to yourself, and you can decorate it aesthetically. Your work will also remain safe and secure as these facilities are constantly monitored.

As a Jam Room

Garages and basements have always been the birthing place of excellent bands. But at some point, these bands outgrow these spaces and move on to bigger and better places to jam and make some serious music. You and your bandmates can use such spaces as jam rooms to look into storage units. These units are secure and monitored around the clock, so you do not have to worry about your expensive instruments and gear. You can soundproof the unit and make music to get you to a full house arena one day.

As a Study Room

The exam season can be extremely stressful. Not everyone’s house setting can allow them to study without getting disturbed. Libraries are excellent places, but they aren’t open all day long. We all know that pulling an all-nighter right before the exam becomes inevitable. So how about you set up a self-storage unit as your study room.

With 24 hours access, you can read or write in peace at any hour of the day. You can furnish the unit to your specifications and add shelves, study tables, and couches to give a cozy feel. You can stack up all your favorite novels or books from your coursework. If you’re a writer, you will find the silence just the right amount to get the words flowing.

As a Workshop

Let’s face it; setting up a workshop at home is never welcomed. Your family members will always frown upon the noise that comes with the work of your liking. And it can even get you in trouble with the law if your neighbors get disturbed by the excessive noise.

You should consider moving your workshop to a storage unit and have the freedom to work at even odd hours. You can set up the space as per your liking and do not have to worry about disturbing anyone.

To Unwind

The tiring, monotonous routine can get the best of everyone. We all deserve a break once in a while, even if it means being alone for an hour. These breaks are extremely important for your mental health and well-being. So how about you drag a couch to your self-storage unit and set it up in a relaxed way so that you can unwind after a tiring week and get charged up again for the next.

You can set up the space with more seating and have friends over to hang out and unwind. You can even put up a cooler so that everyone can have a drink and chill.

As Long-Term Storage

Many jobs, especially in the military, require people to be on the move. They are constantly relocating to different parts of the country. It becomes extremely tedious to lug heavy furniture and belongings every time you move. This relocation and constant shifting can cause wear and tear and damage your belongings.

To keep your entire stuff safe, you should consider looking for a good self-storage unit. It does not matter how far away you are; your belongings will be safe and monitored. You would not have to give away or sell this stuff only to buy it again once the time comes for you to settle. It will all be secured for you perfectly.


You will rarely hear anyone say that they do not know how to fill up the extra space. The increase in population, urbanization and consumers has made whatever little space people get extremely valuable. There is always a mental tussle to give away or keep things that aren’t useful but may hold a significant sentimental value to the owner. To cater to the growing storage needs, self-storage units have gained popularity over time which answers many problems people face when securing items and keeping valuables safe. These units have also opened up immense possibilities to be used as spaces for work and hobbies other than just storage purposes. These facilities offer a secure set up at a very low rent that has intrigued people into investing in one. It all bottles down to how creative you can get with the space. 

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