Best Ways to Gain real Instagram Followers in 2019

Are you wondering how to gain real Instagram followers in 2019? You have come to the right place. Instagram has changed its algorithm in last year that makes harder to get followers in a short span of time. Everyone is struggling for getting followers organically, it’s not just you. All you need to change your strategy to beat this new algorithm. However, you can also buy real Instagram followers to get followers in no time.  In this article, we will talk about the best ways to gain real Instagram followers

Curated Instagram Aesthetic

In order to get followers on Instagram, pay more attention to what your profile looks like. The reason is that when someone lands on your profile, your profile overall look is one of these things that grab the attention of the visitors. Moreover, it makes a good impression and compels the people to follow your account.  Aesthetic play a crucial role to grab the attention of the viewers. People tend to click over to the post that has impressive aesthetic, creative and interesting posts and unique style. Keep distance from ingramer.

An Eye-Catching Instagram Bio

Most of the people don’t give the importance to Instagram bio but it is a most important section of your profile that turns your visitors to your loyal followers. Your profile bio gives the reason to the viewers to follow your account. But how to write a good bio on Instagram? Tell your viewers who you are and what you do. Focus your target audience and let them learn about you before seeing your feed. Use emojis to make it eye-catchy, add the call to action (like buy your tickets, book your order, shop now etc.) and include your website link in the bio.

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Use Instagram Stories for More Exposure

An Instagram story is a great way to grow your account. On Instagram, people watch stories more than clicking through the newsfeed. More than that Instagram stories are more engaging than regular Instagram posts that in turns to get more followers on Instagram. The most popular Instagram stories appear on the explore page of Instagram that means your non-followers also watch your exciting stories and they can find you on Instagram as well. Use this platform to engage more people and always come up with unique ideas like go live and share your thoughts with your fans or broadcast your event because people are more interested to see what is happening in real time. Check out Buzz voice to get Instagram likes.

Use different hashtags for each post

The hashtag is the key factor when it comes to getting followers on Instagram. The right hashtags with the visually appealing image can get a number of likes and followers as well. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post but use the set of relevant hashtags with your posts. Consider using trending hashtags and dome popular hashtags with your photos to make it more searchable. With all these ways, buying real Instagram followers can help you to get the huge following count in a fraction of time.