Can You (Comfortably) Live With Missing Teeth?

The U.S. dental market was valued at around $109 billion in 2020

Teeth aren’t only a biological tool for eating. In today’s culture, missing teeth become a problem with far-reaching impacts on your life. Luckily, dentistry is able to solve these problems with a few options for missing teeth. 

Keep reading to learn more about the replacement of missing teeth. 

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Your Teeth?

Many people don’t recognize the importance of replacing missing teeth. Living with missing teeth makes your life a lot harder than it needs to be. 

Many people with missing teeth have problems eating food. Every tooth has a purpose in your mouth, so it’s obvious when one or more are missing. Certain foods become impossible to eat, and this can negatively impact your diet and health. 

There are a lot of social problems linked to missing teeth. Your self-esteem takes a huge hit when you feel like you can’t smile. Getting a job or having a social life becomes difficult when people see your missing teeth and make assumptions, or you lose confidence because you’re embarrassed. 

When you lose a tooth, you lose the root too. That root plays a role in stabilizing your jaw bone. Without that root, your jaw bone can start deteriorating, which can lead to other roots deteriorating and more teeth falling out. 

What Are Your Options for Missing Teeth?

For those who don’t have insurance, the cost to replace a missing tooth can seem too high. There are lots of people who would rather live with the struggle of a missing tooth than go through what they view as a fight to get it fixed. 

But there are tooth replacement options! There are dentists who are willing to make financing plans with you. And even if you can’t find one, it’s worth the money to avoid the problems of living with missing teeth. 

Check out the best options for replacing teeth!


Dentures are a good option if you’ve lost most of your teeth in your upper or lower jaws. Dentures are either removable or implant-supported. 

A benefit of removable dentures is that they’re easy to clean.


Implants are a popular option if you only need one or two teeth replaced. These take a while to install, but they look and feel like real teeth, so most people say they’re worth it. 


Crowns are small caps that go over the top of broken or damaged teeth. It looks like the top of a tooth, so it’s a relatively quick cosmetic fix. 

But it isn’t only cosmetic! Crowns don’t need to be replaced, so they are a long-lasting solution.


When you’ve got some healthy teeth on either side and are missing a few teeth in the middle, then bridges are a good solution. They fill the gap and bond to the teeth you do have.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

The replacement of missing teeth is not as difficult as it seems. And the benefits of replacing missing teeth are always worth it. There are lots of options you can choose from to avoid the problems of living with missing teeth.

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