Feeling the Drag? 4 Natural Ways to Boost Your Mental Focus

Are you having one of those days when your brain is sluggish and distracted? Instead of stimulants, try these natural ways to improve your mental focus.

If you have brain fog, WebMD will say you could have anything from MS to depression to lupus. But most likely, it’s not that severe.

There are a lot of other reasons your brain may feel foggy. Things that are in your control. So want to improve your mental focus? Try these five tips.

Improve Your Sleep

It’s no secret that how well you sleep factors into your mental focus.

But there’s a lot that goes into quality sleep too. It’s not just about lying down for eight hours straight. You need quality as much as you need quantity.

Prep your room for optimal sleep. Get rid of all electronics and bright lights, and get blackout curtains. Make sure your sheets are clean and your bed is comfy.

Consider getting a sleep tracker app on your phone. If you do use this, make sure it’s on airplane mode, sleep mode, and you don’t touch it while you’re in bed.

But a sleep tracker can give you valuable insights into your sleep. It can point out things like nightmares, snoring, or talking in your sleep.

Go to bed the same time every week and allow nine hours between when you lay down and when you have to get up. Track your progress for two weeks. Was there any improvement?

Eat Well

What you fuel your body with is important. Are you eating mostly processed meals and junk food, or is your diet based on whole foods high in protein and fiber? It matters.

Sometimes even foods you consider healthy might not be good for you specifically. That’s why it’s important to try an elimination diet.

Some foods just don’t work well with your body, and they’re making you sick. It’s called food intolerance. It’s not as bad as a food allergy, but your body doesn’t like it anyway.

While it may seem impossible to give up some foods, the way you feel afterward will be worth it.


Exercise is another great way to improve your mental focus and perseverance.

Shoot for three to five workouts a week, and notice how you feel. You should feel healthier, more focused, and more energized. You should even sleep better.

So after you’re regularly exercising for a few weeks, how do you feel?

Try a Supplement

What if you’re already living a healthy lifestyle? Then consider adding a supplement to your diet. Consider supplements like fish oil, glutamic acid, ginkgo Biloba, or creatine. There’s a lot on the market, so do your research and decide what’s best for you.

Great Mental Focus is Within Your Reach

Improving your mental focus doesn’t take much. Take care of your body and make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Try a supplement that can boost your focus. Keep track of your progress, see what works and what doesn’t.

And if you’re still struggling, talk to your doctor about it. They’ll be able to come up with more ideas to diagnose the issue.

Keep checking back for more great tips to make your life easier.

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