Five Tips For Shortlisting And Hiring Professional Movers

Shifting from one place to another is not only a tiresome chore, but it takes people with less experience time to complete. If you’re changing homes for the first time, it is best to hire professional movers instead of taking the DIY approach. Professional moving services are trained to move goods efficiently. They also ensure you have a stress-free experience. Therefore, choosing the best movers is the safest option to consider.

However, you must do your research to identify the right moving company. If you don’t do proper research, you might end up hiring the wrong movers. Therefore, try to create a professional mover hiring checklist to shortlist the best in the business. Here are five simple tips to help you shortlist and hire the right moving experts when relocating.

1- Always ask for referrals

Just like you ask for restaurant recommendations from your close ones, do the same when hiring movers. Start with asking people you trust if they have used a particular moving service. By asking for referrals, you get the idea about who’s an expert at their job. Therefore, contact your family and friends members at your earliest. Ask them for the best¬†movers san francisco¬†recommendations and find out the names of movers to avoid.

2- Take Google’s help

Everyone knows how to Google things online. It is precisely what you need to do as well. Rather than weighing in entirely on other people’s suggestions, use your wisdom and make efficient use of advanced technology. Go online and search for moving service reviews of companies that operate near you. Soon, you will have an entire list of professional movers with ratings and online descriptions. Check out every company’s Google My Business Listings. Some simple ways to indicate if you are shortlisting the right movers or not are:

  • A reliable firm will have a proper website.
  • It will have the option to negotiate quotes online.
  • The site will let you talk to an online representative.
  • It will further mention their physical outlet’s location, contact details, etc.

If the mover’s website mentions membership in the American Moving and Storage Association, prioritize that company in your list.

A quality of a professional moving companies geneva is that they will offer you a written estimate instead of finalizing matters on call.

3- Get multiple moving estimates

If you have shortlisted a few moving services, get a quote from all of them. Typically, charges vary according to the traveling distance, weight to transport, and additional services such as packing and unloading. Different local movers will have varying moving charges, but the prices will remain competitive. Try to get two to three moving estimates in advance for your convenience.

Another wise thing you can do is ask a moving consultant to visit your place and give a proper estimate. This way, they will analyze all your belongings and quote a final offer. It is best to accept a moving estimate in person. A quality of a professional mover is that they will offer you a written estimate instead of finalizing matters on call.

4- Look for insurance

Getting some insurance for the safety of your belongings is always a smart move. It is best to buy relocation or moving insurance for a long journey. Sometimes, your belongings may break during transportation. So, you do not want to worry about damage when you arrive at your new home. Therefore, get your belongings insured and ask the respective movers to pack everything professionally.

Usually, professional movers offer different types of insurance packages. All you have to do is choose one that falls within your budget. If the movers do not provide any moving insurance, you know what to do- avoid them.

5- Read the moving contract carefully

Professional movers will offer you a bill of lading, which is a legal agreement between the owner of belongings and the mover. Before signing this contract, read the entire agreement thoroughly. Check if it has any hidden terms and conditions mentioned somewhere. Also, keep a copy of this agreement with you while the movers shift your belongings to a new place. The bill of lading must include the following:

  • Name and contact details of the moving company
  • Acceptable payment options
  • Specified service fee the owner has to pay
  • Bank details of the moving company
  • Terms and conditions of the contract

Read the claims protection, mover’s liability, dates to pick up belongings, and delivery timeframe. If you feel suspicious about anything, ask questions. Ask about any hidden costs or moving fees without any hesitation. Consider any ambiguity at this stage a red flag, and opt for a different company instead.


This article mentions a few tips to make hiring a moving company simple. Only work with a legit moving company. Pay a visit to the shortlisted firms and see if they are worth hiring or not. Be wary of red flags and avoid working with companies that seem unprofessional. Hiring the right movers will ensure you have a smooth move, especially if it’s your first time relocating.

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