Getting the Marijuana Seeds to Germinate

After you have finally decided on growing marijuana, you may have invariably sourced all the supplies that will be necessary to grow the weed. The next and probably the most important phase will be getting the seeds to germinate. You may have the best strains, you may have the most expensive or the most suitable supplies required for growing weed indoors or outdoors, but if you do not get the seeds to germinate with the right method, all your efforts will turn waste. Here is a practical guide to help you get them to germinate faster.

Avoid Following Illogical Tips Given By Individuals with No Knowledge on Germination

One of the biggest problems faced by first time growers is probably the lack of factual information about the best procedures. This problem often gets compounded when individuals offer unsolicited or solicited advice, which is as far from the truth as possible. Techniques used to demonstrate germination are often not the best methods for germination. For instance, students are taught about germination practically through the paper towel method. This is typically more of an instruction and demonstration tool to explain the process of germination to the students. It will not be the most appropriate method for germination of weed seed.

Prerequisites for Germination

For germination to be successful and to ensure that the seedling is sturdy, post germination, there are a few requirements. These include the need to keep the seedlings away from direct light, and to never disturb the seedlings by moving or touching them.  By using methods such as paper towel, the seeds will be exposed to light, in addition to causing them to be moved around and handled, in a manner that is not conducive for germination. Ideally, you need to soak and then sow the seeds, as explained in this guide on marijuana seeds. This will ensure that the seeds are cleaned of the harmful effects, while priming them for sowing.

Five Different Steps That Will Help Germination of Seeds

For germination to be successful, it is necessary to ensure that five steps are followed. The five steps that will help germination are spread over soaking of seeds, preparation of the growing medium and moistening of the growing medium. Soaking of the seeds needs to be done twice, once to clean the bacteria by soaking in a mild solution of bleach for less than half an hour and the second time by soaking in plain water for half a day. This soaking of the seeds in water will help to speed up the germination process. This will depend on the variety of the seed, but regardless of variety, soaking does have a significant effect on the speed of germination.

The growing medium needs to be prepared, which may differ depending on the choice of growing medium. If you plan to use to soil, you need to use a particular method, and if you intend to use rooters, you need to use another method. Finally, you need to keep the surface of the growing medium moist, by spraying it with water regularly.

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