Liposuction Surgeries

It is the most applied procedure in the aesthetic world to remove fat. This process, which is carried out for many reasons, again assumes the indispensable task for many transactions. Liposuction is actively involved in many areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, foot, legs, hips, butt, and more.

Liposuction is the process of removing the necessary amount of regional fat from the body by vacuum method in order to get the normal shape of the body.

The most important factor to be considered during the removal of regional fat is the good adjustment of the fat to be taken. This can be possible with experienced surgeons.

Are you suitable for liposuction?

It is common to have fat problems with some parts of the body such as in the buttocks, fat in the belly, fat in the legs, fat in the back, fat in the side of the belly, fat in the breast. Let’s find out if we are suitable for a wide range of liposuction surgeries.

  • People whose weight is less than normal
  • People with only excess fat from certain areas according to their body structure
  • People with protrusions in the body due to excess fat
  • People who cannot melt their regional fat after a sports and diet program
  • People who psychologically obsess regional lubrication
  • People who cannot get rid of fats that are formed in the belly and hip after birth

Although these are the people we deem suitable for fat removal, physical and clinical findings are very important to make a decision before the procedure.

Those who are not suitable for surgery

One the of matters that Turkish surgeons pay attention to is those who are not suitable for surgery. In particular, patients coming from abroad should be made aware of this issue in detail to avoid time and money-wasting as well as the efforts to organize the process in case of a being not suitable.

  • Overweight obese people
  • People with chronic disease
  • People who want liposuction for losing weight

Apart from those mentioned above, the patient should be evaluated in terms of height, weight, whether he has a child, or active life. A photo of the region where the fats will be removed can be requested by the doctor. If the necessary conditions are met, the patient will be invited for surgery

Choosing a Doctor in Fat Removal

Many of the cosmetic surgeons that even plastic surgeons in Istanbul are doing the liposuction procedure. We receive requests to give recommendations about the type of surgeries and doctors on a regular basis. It may be helpful to present our ideas on this subject. When looking for an aesthetic surgeon in Istanbul, the experience and knowledge of the surgeon are vital. Domination of the operation of the plastic surgeon, comments by previous patients, reference percentages can be used to get an idea of the right type of surgery.

Fat Removal Prices

Fat removal prices in other words liposuction turkey prices, are calculated by clarifying which part of the body it will be applied to. The proportion of fat removed from the hip or from the arm or food is not the same. For this reason, the region should be determined first. The second case is the surgeon factor. The surgeon’s experience affects the fee for the removal of the fat. Apart from this, many factors such as equipment, equipment, quality of hospitality services, the experience of nurse services, and the hospital where the surgery will be performed also determine the price.

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