How to choose a virtual card for real purchases

It is hard not to notice that digital technologies have become an integral part of human life. Today, literally everyone has a smartphone with Internet access, although just thirty years ago it seemed something incredible. At the same time, with great opportunities, a person also got a huge responsibility, so with the help of gadgets, he can not only absorb content or exchange messages with friends, thanks to a mini-computer he can conduct business, make money transfers and even pay for goods and services. At the same time, the question is natural: how to choose a virtual card for real purchases, and, most importantly, is it possible to do without this convenient financial instrument?

The answer will seem quite obvious: a virtual bank card is a necessity for a modern person because it allows you not only to spend money but also to receive wages, carry out commercial activities and simply store finances without fear of scammers. At the same time, the Mastercard virtual card is a tool that allows you to control expenses and, after analyzing them, optimize them. So how do you choose which financial institution to prefer?

Benefits of the WestStein Virtual Card

The experts of our company highlighted the main advantages and also told us how to open a virtual card online in just 5 minutes. Among the “pluses” of virtual “plastic”:

security – your funds are protected not only from real scammers but also from cyber-intruders; the WestStein prepaid card has not only an individual PIN code for each client but also a Mastercard 3D Secure system;
convenience – a virtual card for purchases is designed not only for the Internet environment, if you add “plastic” to the Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile payment systems, but you can also easily make purchases offline, and there will definitely not be a question: how to use a virtual card;
spending control — thanks to convenient mobile banking, it is possible not only to make transfers but also to monitor your expenses and adjust them;
data confidentiality – a virtual card, which can be opened for free in our service, does not require the provision of personal data (an identity card, for example), only a phone number and an email address are sufficient.

Before creating a virtual card, we recommend that you pay attention to these criteria and be guided by them when choosing a credit card.

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