I tried using few activated charcoal beauty slices! So I got the biggest surprise of my life! You might think it’s so messy using activated charcoal, but I think the effort is worth the candle! If you try walking down the pathway of some drugstores today, you’ll be surprised to see the kind of respect awarded activated charcoal! It’s the trendiest item in skincare. You’ll see that activated charcoal is now the star in the world of cleansers, black mask, body bars, and scrubs. All skin care brands worship this game revolutionizer for acne-prone skin, oily skin and what have you! With all the dust which activated charcoal is rising, and more brands emerging in the area of charcoal skin solution products, you couldn’t help being curious as to what it’s all about! Many are breaking the use of activated charcoal to diverse basics. Many brands would use it in its pure state in combination with an ingredient or two to form some beauty recipes!


Oh no, please! There’s a vast difference between what we see every day and what we’re talking about here! Activated charcoal or activated carbon is any charcoal that has passed through treatment like a heating process which increases its adsorptive capability and makes it medically safe for use. The heating process quickens the carbon’s adsorptive ability and enables its expansion into the porous surface which can trap a whole host of toxins as well as chemicals. According to significant dermatologists in various beauty brands, “the “adsorptive” attribute in treated charcoal mind you not “absorptive” is the electrical attraction which makes the substance stick together!” Therefore, activated charcoal acts like the magnet luring oil, dirt as well as other impurities together.  While the primary use all through history was as an internal supplement that eases off digestive stress and detoxing, the properties have of late been discovered to help the skin.

How Activated Charcoal could improve one’s Skin

Eradication of Impurities

Can you still take your mind back to what you heard about charcoal’s adsorptive quality? This isn’t a spelling error! Adsorptive is entirely different from absorption because they both are of different procedure. Adsorptive involves the process of attracting chemicals as well as toxins using the electric charge! The outer layer of the activated charcoal is filled with numerous but tiny pores, which features a negative electric binding and attracting charges with positively-charged-toxicants!  This adsorptive attribute of activated carbon is so strong that for about 100 decades now, it’s been utilized internally as the antidote to severe and fatal cases of poisoning!

Now think of the powerful effect this adsorptive feature could have in binding to skin surface impurities, like; pollutants in our environment, dirt, and build-up!

Gently Exfoliates

Exfoliation is necessary for eliminating build-ups on the external layer of your skin. These build-ups clog pores, enhance blemishes and leads to an uneven, dull appearance. This treated carbon in addition to eradicating impurities gently exfoliates the skin using its slightly gritty feel which makes it the top option for smooth and gentle exfoliation you’re sure to achieve smooth, supple skin using one or two exfoliation combinations and instantaneous purification. It’s worthy to note that activated charcoal is gentle enough for sensitive skin because of the small granules.

Balance Oily Skin

Natural oil creation is essential for skin moisturizing, glowing, as well as freeing the skin from wrinkles. However, have you thought of how too much oil could cause big skin problem? Oily skin traps dirt as well as other impurities in your environment and forces them to settle on your skin thereby resulting in clogged pores. This grows worse if you don’t regularly exfoliate. Activated charcoal, with its excellent adsorptive quality, could bind these excess oils and impurities, while smoothly relaxing the deeply-ingrained bits with its coarse texture.

Shrinks Pore Appearance

Utilizing activated charcoal for a facial mask as well as facial scrub could help release the debris congesting your pores. Additionally, it could adsorb every foreign impurity which could have glided into your blown up pores. In other words, as well as dead skin which could have become trapped over time in your pores, causing enlargement with debris, are eliminated by the action of this treated charcoal! You could be sure of getting great freedom from those large pores that could give you an aged, tired look! So who wouldn’t want that?

How to Utilize Activated Charcoal

You can buy activated charcoal today from actinera either in a naturally made loose powder state or as a capsule! If your option is using its capsule form, cleanly break the capsule open to using on your external body region. Actinera has various activated charcoal brand derived from diverse substances, like nutshells, peat, coconut husk, wood, coal, coir, and lignite. Are you having a sensitive body and you are searching for the best option to choose? Of course, actinera is one of the best option with activated charcoal powders formulated purely from natural elements such as coconut shells!

Aren’t you ready to get started with this tremendous activated charcoal?

Here is a dual recipes solution for your skin today!  A detoxifying face mask for removing impurities and the exfoliating charcoal face mask for getting that deeply rooted debris off your pores! Try them!

DIY Activated Carbon Detox Mask


1/2 Teaspoon Activated Carbon Powder

1/2 Teaspoon Rosewater

1/2 Teaspoon Bentonite Clay

Optional: wipe of unprocessed honey for skin hydration


Mix charcoal, rosewater, as well as other ingredients and make it slightly runnier.

Apply it to your clean face. Allow it for ten minutes.

Rinse it and tap dry.

Activated Charcoal skin Scrub


1/2 Teaspoon Activated Carbon Powder

1/2 Teaspoon Rosewater

2 tablespoons coconut palm sugar

2 tablespoons of honey


Mix the ingredients and then apply to your clean face. Utilizing gentle round motions all over your entire face will do the magic of loosening the dead skin cells! Other impurities are also in trouble! Rinse, pat dry, and finalize with moisturizer!

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