6 Important Elements for Blog Sites

The success of a blog site is tied to a number of factors including the kind of content posted and overall visual appeal. To attract clicks, shares, and likes, you should focus on good design and share content that is interesting. Apart from getting the SEO part right, you also need to ensure your site offers content in different formats including images, video, and written text. Every UI design firm would suggest optimizing your website with such features.

Here are some of the most important elements you should feature on your blog site for better performance.

1. Visual appeal

The text displayed on a screen is different from that on paper. Many users on the internet prefer shorter blocks of text and will often shun dense, long texts. While you might find long texts in a magazine article, you should break your blog posts into visually appealing segments with plenty of white spaces. You should make text easy to read with the use of different elements including bullet points, subheads, and numbered lists.

2. Reliable website hosting

This is one of the most important things you should consider while setting up a blog site. Choosing the wrong host will impact many things including the loading speed of your website. You want pages to load fast when users click on topics. Additionally, the host you choose will also affect the uptime score of your website, which is also important because you want your site to be available always. If you are looking for some ideas for choosing the right web host, this massive comparison page has everything you need. It gives you a comparison list of different hosts and offers metrics like disk space, overall rating, and features provided.

3. Solid writing

Solid writing skills are vital for your blog site and will help you achieve your goals faster. Grammar and sentence structure are things you cannot escape from if you want to establish a good blog site. No one wants to struggle reading an article that does not seem to relay points with clarity. Use an informational, and conversational tone while writing, but be careful not to demonstrate a lack of basic language skills. You can use the best software for posting to Google My Business automatically.

4. Keywords

With Google constantly updating its algorithm, failure to configure your site with keywords will deny you the visibility you need. The use of keywords is necessary as it helps people to locate your site through search engines. While it’s important to write for search engines, also write for humans and include about two to four keywords sparsely in the content. Well, you can take keyword research and SEO service from Websites That Sell.

5. Images

Humans are visual creatures and this is something you need to understand while setting up your blog site. Images add some visual hook and could keep readers on your site. Add a large and vibrant image that relates to your blog post. When the content is shared on social media, many people are likely to click on it due to the hook created by the image.

6. Interlinking

When we say you should interlink it does not mean adding tons of links on your content. Rather, you should have between 4 and 5 links in a 500 words blog post. These links help readers to get clear information about the subject you are exploring. You should only add relevant links that help readers have an in-depth look at the topic. Adding links to something unrelated to the blog post will not only put off readers, Google will also come after your rankings for trying to cheat.

Managing a blog site is easy if you understand the elements to feature. Before you establish the blog, you should first shop for a good host. This is important as it affects uptime score and could affect the speed of your site. Next is to ensure you have a visually appealing design with well-written resourceful content. Don’t forget to add images to hook readers.