The Benefits of PDF Files and When To Use One

Once in your life, you had encountered a PDF file. You can see that it is easier to manage. PDF readers are mostly free. You can read the file without paying a yearly subscription for software. It is one of the reasons why PDF is widely used today. It offers many benefits for its users, and you can create one through GogoPDF, an online suite for pdf.

History of PDF

Adobe created PDF in the year 1993. It means a portable document format. It is granted by the International Organization for Standardization of the ISO 3200, meaning it is continually improving to meet the ISO standards. Since its first introduction, it became clearer. PDF is already royalty-free since Adobe issued a Public Patent License to ISO in 2008. Thereafter it is already under the International Organization for Standardization committee.

GogoPDF: Advantages of using PDF files

It is convertible to another format. PDF files can be converted smoothly online. It can be changed to word, excel, PowerPoint, and picture. The same goes with these file types; they can be translated to PDF if needed. GogoPDF is a Word to PDF converter available through search engines.

  • PDFs are portable. It can be shared fast for others to download. It is compatible with most devices and can be accessed through a PDF reader or using web browsers. This file format works with any operating system. With GogoPDF, you can compress your PDF to reduce its size. It will be easier to copy the file to another device. Sharing small-sized files through emails will take less time.
  • Easy to Merge. Combining multiple word documents takes up a lot of time. You will copy the text and images then paste them at the end of your document. There are times that, due to different settings, the content you posted will get scattered on the pages. With PDF files, you will not encounter this kind of problem. You can merge them with a few mouse clicks through GogoPDF.
  • PDF Files are secured. If you use a PDF file, you can encrypt it with a password. You can choose if you want to protect the whole file by requiring a password to open or asking for the password only when others want to make revisions. The text and picture formats are also intact even though you use a different device or software to open the file. Check out GogoPDF with the simple steps on how to protect your PDF. It is important if you are dealing with confidential information.
  • It can be separated per page. You can consolidate PDF, and surely you can also separate its pages. When you open your document with a PDF reader, it is non-editable. But if you use an online tool like GogoPDF, you can separate or delete the pages you do not want to be part of your file.

When is PDF the Right Format to Use?

When you apply for a job online, use PDF for your CV or Resume. Some employers will require you to send your application through email. Others will require you to upload the preliminary requirements for assessment on their website.

You should choose the PDF if you are sending important business documents. Thus, this includes reports, electronic contracts, billing statements, and official receipts. PDF files are easy to read and show formality. If you use PDF format for contracts, you can sign it electronically—no need to print a hard copy. You will save space for filing. Electronic PDF contracts are easier to store and organize on your computer.

When distributing online brochures and catalogs, PDF files are recommended. The design will not be disrupted, maintaining the format and the images in their place. It will be easy for customers to access and compatible with any device.

In Conclusion

PDF is commonly used now because it has a lot of advantages compared to other document types. It is free to use as well as the available software to manage it. This type of file is applicable in many situations. To enjoy these benefits, visit the website of GogoPDF. They offer different functions you can do with your PDF file.


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