Every house is incomplete without the kitchen. And so renovating it is an essential task. But renovating the entire place is hectic as well as expensive. Kitchen Cabinet Renovation helps in making the place lively and beautiful. Also, it makes it spacious and modern which is surely a need for every house.

And so, we are sharing some best paints for kitchen cabinets that is an inexpensive way of Kitchen Cabinet Renovation.



A budget-friendly way for updating and modernizing the kitchen space is by painting the cabinets that will make it appealing and new.

But the prime determining factor for the type of paint is the material of the cabinet. All the kind of cabinet, whether solid wood or wood veneer etc. can’t be painted likely. And thus, determining the material is very important.

Wood Cabinet

Painting the wooden Cabinet is the best option as it gives better bond along with a smoother finish to the cabinets. Also, if the cabinets are stained or have a glossy finish, then it is necessary to remove this layer first with the help of sandpaper while in case of bare natural wood, sanding the surface is not a necessity. But, bare wood is prone to absorb more paint, especially when water-based latex is preferred. In such a situation, primer acts as a savior which ensures that the area is even and also through.

Wood Veneer Cabinet

If the kitchen cabinets Los Angeles have this type of material, especially a thin layer of hardwood then sanding the surface is important. However, repairing the loose veneer, cracks, and chips are foremost. Also, in the case of veneer, the surface is not sand extensively as it is merely a thin layer that hides the beneath. The sole purpose is to make the surface rough to apply primer and paint it afterward.

Medium Density Fibre

MDF cabinets look marvelous when painted, but it is essential to prepare them properly before painting. Sealing the edges and using oil-based primer are essential steps for making the cabinets for painting.

The edges of MDF are porous and if the surface is not finished properly, then drywall compound is important for sealing it to ensure that moisture does not swell the wood at the time of painting. Similarly, the oil-based primer also plays a subsequent role. The water-based primer can also swell the surface of cabinets and so oil based helps in protecting them. Also, after oil-based primer, the surface is capable of holding water-based latex paint without affects the wood of the cabinet.

Laminate Cabinet

Painting a laminate cabinet is a tricky task as it is a printed plastic that is adhered to the composite material. And thus, therefore, prep work plays a determining role. You have the option of using laminate specific primer or paint. These products make the surface shiny and primer helps in sticking paint on the surface for a long time. Also, sanding the surface is still a crucial task before and after primer. By the way, for useful reference, you can use this.


There are 2 types of paints that can be used for painting the kitchen cabinets.



It is the most preferred type of paint as it gives a resilient finish. Also, scrubbing the residue is not a major issue as it does not dull the surface. But it also has some flaws that can’t be ignored.


  • Easy to scrub and clean
  • Durable finish
  • Coverage over the wood grain is mind-blowing


  • The level of VOCs is very high
  • A lot of dry time. Approx 16 hours minimum
  • In low light, the surface becomes yellowish


It is one of the best and most opted paint over oil based painted as it less in odor and contains no to less of VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUND. It even dries fast and requires less care as compared to oil based paint.


  • Less drying time
  • Low to no VOC formula
  • Adheres to surface properly
  • Less inflammable


  • The durability in case of scrubbing some formulas is very less
  • The prep work should be through even to finish wood.