Why might Jamaica be the ideal place to buy a second home?

Jamaica is considered a pleasant and unique place. It is considered an incredible choice for any traveler. The property market in Jamaica is exponentially increasing each day compared to any other island in the Caribbean. Besides, the majority of the people consider it as an incredible time to purchase property in Jamaica. In case you are confused about your decision to buy any property in Jamaica or not, you can take the factors below into consideration before coming up with your reasons.

Closing Prices are Less

In some cases, the full price of the real estate as given in the advertisement normally differs. In other words, it means that the land or area that’s being promoted for around $10 million might cost you higher when you actually purchase it. This normally happens no matter who the property is being sold by, such as the realtor, the government, family member, or company. Moreover, the purchasing price of the property is always the purchasing cost added with the closing prices.

Closing prices are normally a mixture of numerous related fees. Thus, when you look for properties through the use of the internet and check, for instance, an apartment available for $14 million, you might require 6 times for the given amount and addition of other extra costs for ending/closing the deal. There are both legal fees and taxes included in the closing prices. There are other incidental prices, as the valuation and survey plan price.

Although the taxes related to the transferring of real estate are already minimized significantly by the Jamaican government during the year 2019, the tax related to the property purchase is considered stamp duty. In the past, the stamp duty was evaluated ad valorem. In other words, it also stands for the percentage. Previously, four percent was the stamp duty that was divided precisely between the seller and the buyer. Currently, the stamp duty is minimized completely to a flat price of around $5000, divided between the seller and buyer equally.

Thus, if you bought a $15 million property back in 2018, it would have been $350,000 for the buyers. Whereas, after the minimization of it to a flat cost of $5000. It eventually leads to a saving of around $297,00 for a buyer.

  • Fewer Interest Rates

As stated by theĀ Jamaica real estate experts, financing for obtaining property has become easily available in the present time. It is due to the fact the banks are minimizing their rates of interest for mortgages. Although interest rates are slowly being eliminated, the banks have successfully kept their standard of fulfilling their potential candidates’ duties. It is quite crucial for maintaining the steadiness of the housing and mortgage markets. Since it is widely known that the banks’ irresponsible lending in the US resulted in the crash of housing, it led to a reduction in the values of the properties within the country.

Concentrating on the domestic market, it is best to highlight that the Bank of Jamaica has constantly minimized interest rates. Besides, the rates of interest are currently down on government paper. There is an extremely low amount of money borrowed by the bank of the Jamaican government. The financial organizations make money by purchasing government paper and through its return interest. Several different avenues are also targeted for revenue, such as the stock market and boosting up the loan portfolios. This offers healthy competitions, which includes advantages for the kid.

  • Improved Housing Solutions

Around 22,000 housing solutions are targeted to be built by the NHT before the financial year comes to an end. Many private developers with whom the institution is partnered to introduce a greater number of housing solutions to the market through their ensured purchasing program. Additionally, the government organization is also providing almost 100% financing on the units.

  • Best Tourist Destination

Jamaica is widely popular for being included in the list of the best 25 tourist destinations in the entire globe. In the trip advisor, Jamaica was known to have been placed at the 14th spot. It is also a leading destination in the Caribbean. However, few people might be looking for properties, while others are may be interested in property investment or a second home. Thus, the title of the best tourist spot in Jamaica might be quite beneficial while considering your decision to purchase the property.


Jamaica offers an exquisite experience to everyone. The culture of Jamaica is unique and also indifferent from various cultures. People in Jamaica are warm-hearted and very welcoming. Thus, the above-mentioned reasons help in making Jamaica suitable to become the second home for individuals.

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