The Ultimate Guide to Home Foundation Repair and Protection

Are you concerned about your home’s foundation? Do you suspect there’s something wrong, but you’re not sure how to proceed?

Owners occupy more than 64 percent of homes in the US. As a homeowner, you’ll want to be sure your foundation remains intact.

Your home foundation is the bedrock that your home sits on. Here’s a guide to help you know when you need a home foundation repair.

Home Foundation Repair Signs

Your home foundation is vulnerable to water leaks or severe weather. It’s a good idea to be on the lookout for deterioration. There are several signs that your home foundations may need repairs.

Cracked Foundations

One of the most common signs that your foundation needs repairs are cracks in your walls or the foundation itself. If a gap widens over time, that’s a sign you need to look into foundation repair methods.

If water or insects enter the cracks, they can weaken an already damaged foundation. An insect infestation may be another problem as well.

Uneven Floors

When your foundation settles or heaves, it can cause the floors in your home to become uneven. Often this happens over time, so you might not notice right away.

If there is flooding or a plumbing issue in your neighborhood, the moisture in your soil can shift your foundation. When the moisture in the soil freezes, it expands, pushing your foundation upwards. In the winter, frost heaves can occur.

Doors That Stick

When your foundation shifts, it can cause your door to stick or drag on one edge. Humidity might be the culprit, but it can also indicate a problem with your foundation.

If your concrete slab has shifted, a professional can assess the problem and arrange to level it.

Water Seeping Into Your Home

When you have water coming into your basement or walls that feel damp, you have a severe problem that needs repairs. Take appropriate steps to discover what is causing the moisture before you take steps to repair it.

Protect Your Home From Moisture

Many foundation problems are due to water damage from flooding or storms. There are several ways to protect your foundation and save the cost of home foundation repair.

If you’re wondering how to waterproof a basement, begin by contacting a professional. They will assess your situation and guide you toward the right solution.

Proper drainage around the outside of your foundation is one idea. If you can get the water moving away from your foundation, it is less likely to cause damage.

Water may evaporate from the soil, making your crawl space damp. In this case, a polyethylene vapor barrier is a good solution.

Protect Your Foundation With Confidence

When you know the signs that you need a home foundation repair, you’ll take the proper steps to protect your home. You will also understand how to take care of your foundation in the future.

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