The Complete Guide to Buying a Classic Car Perfect for You

The roar of the engine, the call of an era long past, the showcase of quality engineering; there are many reasons to consider buying classic cars. What is yours?

No matter why you want it, there are a lot of details that go into getting yourself a classic car. You need to know what, how, and where to get the best deal and the best car.

Ready to speed off in your shiny, classic car? We have the keys, follow along below. 

Warning: Buying Classic Cars Is Not a Profit Maker

The first piece of information is a warning. Some people see classic cars, as well as most antiques, as nothing but a profit through flipping. 

The idea is simple. You buy up a classic car, restore it a bit, and flip it for profit. There are a few big problems with that idea. 

Old cars require an investment that often doesn’t pay off. While the style or appeal can be timeless, the costs and issues aren’t in modern cars for a reason.

Older machines require more maintenance and they don’t have the quality modern features. As such, if you are buying a classic car, you need to do it out of love and hobby, because this is not a consistent moneymaker.

Where to Buy Your Classic Car

Knowing what car you want and why is the start, but finding that car at a reasonable price can be hard. 

There are many places that sell classic cars, but they each have their pros and cons. Let’s sort out the major ones.

  1. Auction

Auctions require a bit of skill to maneuver, but good auctions have a huge pull on their inventory and you can sneak away with a steal of a deal if you know what you are doing.

The best way to go about an auction is patience. If you have your eye on a particular model, that can be easy to track. 

If you get lucky, you can get in a low bid and win it, but luck is about all you get sometimes.

  1. Dealership

For more solid control, car dealerships have a lot more structure and control. There is a good deal of different classic car dealerships around the world and they will often quality control their prices to ensure they sell.

Dealerships may often push for a deal if they feel it is still in their best interest. Classic cars won’t have a warranty, but some dealerships may provide some protection.

You won’t find many screaming deals in dealerships and the stock can vary. If you are looking for something rare, you may be looking for a while. 

  1. Private Party

The last is tracking down individuals who are looking to sell their own classic cars. 

On one hand, you know the individual will appreciate the car and can often cut a solid deal if they feel you will give the car the needed love and attention.

They may also be too unwilling to give it away for less than a fortune, such as those that see classic cars as money flipping investments.


When in doubt, no matter where you find it or what price you find it at, look at hiring a professional inspector

An inspector can make sure that you aren’t paying for fake when you thought it was authentic. They can also check if there are more troubles with the car engine than what you thought. You can get more suggestions at Kpdiesel.

It’s a good investment to ensure you get what you need. 

Storing Your New Classic Car

The final bit of advice is to protect your new found car love. With the money, time, and effort you put into this car, it would be a shame for it takes damage from weather or other issues because you didn’t protect it.

You need to find a quality vehicle & classic car storage facility. A good one will be well worth the money. 

Classic Cars and Classic Life

Buying classic cars can be fun and there are a ton of options to sort out and understand. The journey from car lot to restoration to a working classic car can be intense, but having your dream car can be more than worth it.

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