10 Ways to Improve Educational System of a Country

Education is the main pillar on which the whole country is standing and varies extremely on the upcoming economy.


Huge budgets should be allotted for the educational departments. Providing students better environment of study, Better equipment and technology is necessary which can only be fulfilled with a good percentage of allotted budget. The nation should keep a check on how good the educational departments are doing and what needs to be done or can be done to improve it. Institutes with heavy budgets and more to spend on can improve a student way better than the ones which miss technology or less developed. financial investment in a country’s education system doesn’t necessarily produce academic returns, but still is necessary how you spend it.

Quality not business

These days educational departments are more for the business instead of keeping the quality of education. Universities, Schools are more of keen to earn profits off of students instead of providing them the best of education. When the focus is on money and not study, then the quality will lack the factor of focus. Students will grow weak because of lack of attention. Teachers will not focus on the syllabus because of certain policies.


The concepts of education have a drastic change as it was 10 years ago. Students are more technology lovers now and instead of paperwork, We prefer screen. Assignments are made online and are being submitted online. Universities are using cloud based technologies to keep the records of each student. So the basic step to improve the educational system is to stay up to date and make sure to provide such facilities to students. Ask students to research and develop different projects and walk through the web to find answers so a creativity can be made. Fully functional labs, work stations, and online or offline libraries should be provided to students so they can result in high grades. Teachers should upload assignments, tests, quizzes, and questionnaire online. Students can solve or make assignments by accessing it online and then submit for reviews. Teachers can grade and give tips to help students improve in weak areas where it’s needed. Results should be shared with students and parents via emailing or SMS alerts or can be placed on some online cloud if the university is using one. It gives a lot of confidence to provide interactive digital content.

Screen the staff

Educational departments can improve the standards by hiring their staff more carefully and with better screening. Educational grading and standards depend on the teachers above 70%. If the staff is fully educated and expert, and are trained in several teaching exercises. Then the result will increase as well because they’ll be able to teach better and understand the students better. Students will be able to learn more and better If they have a developed frankness with their teachers, which will eliminate the factor of hesitation of asking or providing ideas.

Tools of education

There are various tools of education present nowadays online and offline for students and for teachers. For example cloud based technologies to save, share and discuss. Writing tools to improve grammar and punctuation, Math solving applications. But the most important one is plagiarism checker tool. Now, Plagiarism is basically one of the biggest failures of any institute or a student him/herself. Plagiarism is basically copy/paste assignments as it is from the web or from some other student’s work. Now, the student has found a shortcut and will only look for easy methods which will result in a lack of confidence and creativity. Several online free and paid tools are available over the web to check plagiarism. Universities should check for plagiarism on each and every assignment for to make sure the fair system. Plagiarism is a downfall for a student and preventing it will provide creative productivity. It might take some time for a student to recover from the habit of plagiarizing other people hard work, but soon there will be improvements.

You can find tools for plagiarism checking here Plagiarism checker.


One of the most important points is the providing of security to the students in an educational institute. If the students or parents are sure about the safety of their certain Institute then the regulation will be in place. Students will never miss a class and will result in full attendance. Candidates will apply with full assurance of their safety.

Awareness programs

Awareness programs should be regulated by Govt. or the heads of the institutes if they want to improve for a better educational department. Help by funding and training should be provided If an institute is backward in technology but is key to move forward. Technology awareness or trained staff or how to stop plagiarism and etc can be a few example of programs that can take place for the improvement.

Taking suggestions

Taking suggestions is as important as anything else. Even experts of school management can lack a few things that can improve a department so suggestion boxes or online suggestion inbox can be a key thing to improve an institute. The Department should take suggestions from students, parents or even teachers of how we can improve different sections of our university or school.

Better salaries/compensations

Teachers or professional lecturers in departments should be paid well and provided by different facilities. Still, in many institutes, the teachers are highly underpaid especially in countries like Pakistan or India. Paying them well will result in better interest and thus will improve the quality of teaching.

Sports and other activities

An education department can not run only on good studies or teachings, but we should never even think of eliminating the factor of Physical games and educations or other activities like drama classes or music lessons. Such things are a huge talent of several students. That talent can be given a chance by providing opportunities like these. Many students are better in sports than reading, Some students are better in music than solving equations. Some students are made for different things but because of lack of such stuff, they are highly ignored. So keep in mind all the factors that affect any Institute positively and negatively.

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