What Is Cast Iron and What Is It Used For?

Do you find yourself destroying pans when you cook? From searing meat to frying potatoes, it’s easy to scuff up, scratch, and ruin beautiful pans.

This means replacing pans on a regular basis. But that’s unnecessary. With a cast iron pan, your poor cooking skills won’t destroy your pan. Actually, your pan will get better and better each time you use it.

So what is cast iron? It’s an old type of pan that is seeing a resurgence in use in the modern kitchen’s across America. People are now drawn to the fact that a cast iron pan can improve the flavor of your food, particularly as it ages.

If you are considering a cast iron pan to replace all the other pans in your kitchen, you probably have a few questions. What is a cast-iron skillet and what can you use it for? What is cast iron made of, and how do you care for it? Keep reading for answers to all your cast iron-related questions.

What Can You Cook With a Cast Iron Pan

First off, what is cast iron used for? It’s used to make cookware, such as pans and pots. You can use it to cook anything on the stovetop that you would use other pots and pans for.

You’ll have no problem cooking pancakes with the perfect amount of crisp. Hashbrowns and veggies will be delicious. Even steaks can be cooked to perfection on cast iron when it’s too cold to use the BBQ outside.

You can also use a cast iron pan to bake. It works just as well inside the oven as on the stovetop. There’s no limit to what you can cook when it comes to cast-iron pans. A single cast iron pan can replace an entire kitchen full of other types of pots and pans. 

You can even use a cast iron grill, such as the one from Barebones Living, in the backyard or while camping for a perfectly cooked meal anywhere.

Benefits of Cooking With a Cast Iron Pan

One of the main reasons people love cast iron is that it retains flavor. Each time you cook with a cast iron pan, clean it properly, and season it afterward, you are adding a layer of flavor. Over the years, this coating increases, making your food taste better and improving the performance of your pan.

On top of that, cast iron is hard to destroy. Even novice chefs, who destroy other types of pans, can’t ruin cast iron while cooking. They are tough and able to handle any cooking method, temperature, and food type.

The only way you can ruin a cast iron pan is incorrect cleaning. Never put them in the dishwasher or let them soak in water. Wash, scrub, and hand dry immediately.

What Is Cast Iron In the First Place?

So you know you want to try a cast iron pan, but what is cast iron cookware and how is it made? It’s made up of iron and carbon alloys. 

Cast iron is an engineering material with a wide range of uses across many industries. When it comes to cast-iron pans, the material resists damage by oxidation. It retains heat, can be safely used at high temperatures, and is extremely durable. 

Elevate and Simplify Your Cooking

So what is cast iron, and why are these pans so special? They make it easy for anyone who wants better-tasting food to elevate their cooking.

These incredible pans can simplify your kitchen and your approach to cooking and baking. Instead of learning how to use various types of cookware, you just need to learn how to use one; the cast iron pan.

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