What is SMS Blast Marketing & How To Use It To Quickly Reach Your Audience

Text blast – definition

Bulk text messaging involves a simple message that is sent to a large number of subscribers at the same time. Valuable information for each user will be promptly delivered and studied because the open rate of SMS notifications reaches 98%. Clients are more likely to study offers received by SMS than spend time looking through emails.

You can include any information that may seem important or interesting to your messages. Most often, companies send notifications about work schedule changes, new product arrivals, or emergency alerts.

The advantage of sending emergency messages is that in the event of an emergency, the mobile network may be overloaded. You will not be able to call or send an email to your clients, while a short message will be delivered promptly. For this, you don’t need an Internet connection or other conditions; it is enough that the user’s phone is working on.

To be sure that the message will be delivered, it is important to conduct the phone number validation procedure. BSG will help you with this. When you decide to start a marketing campaign, be sure to read the SMS messaging requirements. They provide information on the quality and relevance of the content, the language is chosen, profanity and the materials used.

How to send SMS blasts step by step

It’s easy to send a text message. First, you need to choose a suitable service for it. It should have a sufficient number of functions and an intuitive interface. To start creating an SMS message, study the functionality of the service presented on our website.

Then, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Build a customer base. To do this, use all phone numbers of users who have consented to receive messages from your company. If a client has not confirmed the consent to receive messages, you can get to spam.
  2. Choose a shortcode for a subscription. When your subscriber list is not big enough, send a welcome notification to everyone who left their phone number on your site. Include a small code (numeric or alphabetic) in the text, upon specifying which the user will agree to receive SMS in the future.
  3. Create a message. A well-chosen topic of a message will grab users’ attention. This can be a list of the most popular products, discounts and promotions, bonuses, and free shipping on the first or further orders.
  4. Create a schedule for sending messages. To not make your customers bored with frequent SMS, it is enough to choose a schedule. You shouldn’t send messages early in the morning or late at night. The best time is in the middle of the day when users can devote some time to reading messages. Also, you shouldn’t send notifications at the beginning and end of the week when the workload is at its peak.

To attract as many users as possible to your bulk messaging campaign, publish the relevant information on social media or pop-up banners. Customers will see how to subscribe to your notifications and will be able to become your, subscribers.

The use of special programs for sending messages allows you to segment the client base. This way you will save on sending messages to users who are not interested in the information. Segmentation can be based on location, age, or social status. For each category of customers, create a separate message that will attract their attention and guarantee you feedback.

Customers will be confident that you are interested in long-term communication if you use personalization. When an SMS starts with a personal message, it feels like real communication, even if you use automated messaging.

Ways to leverage the power of SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand. Ease of reading, a minimum of information and links to go to the site will help you make the advertisement as interesting and useful as possible.

To avoid wasting a small amount of space in a message, don’t use full-length links, use short URLs. They will help increase conversion rates and improve customer feedback. Redirect users to specific product pages, voting pages, or a left cart.

Messages with a link are sent to the target audience under 25. This age group is the most difficult to get involved in subscriptions but responds well to such messages. Notifications with a short URL get more impact: a link is clicked up to 10 times more often than in cases when a message contains just the name of the company.

Bulk messages are created for the target audience, that is, users who are already interested in your brand. They may need your products, or they may seek to use the services offered on favorable terms. To keep customers from losing interest, they need to be constantly warmed up.

The SMS blast is a good solution for it. In your messaging, offer your customers information about current promotions, bonuses, or a cumulative discount system. Besides you can reach more audiences by email marketing, this is the best-recommended site https://aeroleads.com/blog/lead-nurturing-strategy/. Regular customers can join the loyalty program, and new users can receive unique welcome offers that allow them to save money.

The right strategy will help you increase your sales in the shortest possible time. At the same time, you won’t need to waste time sending each message — it’s enough to configure the program and follow the reports after each campaign. A lot of messages will be sent to users regardless of their location. The main thing is that they are interested in your brand. The customers won’t need to check their email, because the notification will appear right on their phone screens immediately after sending.

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