What Makes the IASTM Technique Unique? A Closer Look

Did you know there’s a non-invasive way to treat carpal tunnel, tendonitis, scar tissue, and more? Researchers have found that IASTM can do this for you in 3 months or less!

What is the IASTM technique? IASTM stands for “instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization”. IASTM is unique in that it uses physical tools to aid in treatment.

Traditional soft tissue massage techniques require the use of the therapist’s hands. The IASTM therapy process begins by using tools to assess your complaints.

Once identified, these restricted areas can be treated with other instruments. These tools increase blood flow and help you regain a fuller range of motion.

Curious to learn more about this powerful technique? Keep reading to learn more bout IASTM and how it can alleviate your pain.

How Do the IASTM Tools Work?

IASTM tools can be made from steel or plastic. They’ll have smooth, curved edges.

IASTM practitioners will check where you have built up scar tissue. They find this or soft tissue restrictions by running the tool along your skin.

The tools work by stimulating sensitive nerve endings in your skin. This helps the practitioner identify where inflammation and/or restricted movement is present.

How Does the IASTM Technique Impact Your Body?

The tools pressing against your skin can create microtraumas in the skin. This causes the body to have a local inflammatory response.

In this way, you can reabsorb old or abnormal tissue and heal your body. Over time, you’ll see your body improve muscle tissue or break down scar tissue.

IASTM treatment provides the body with a fresh influx of procollagen. This in turn provides the tissue with a fresh boost of firmness and resilience.

Who Benefits From IASTM Treatment?

Sometimes when you have surgery or are in a cast for a long time, scars can form on soft tissues.

IASTM therapy helps clear unhealthy tissue and promotes the growth of healthy tissue. This in turn improves your range of motion.

Scars limit your mobility. Complaints can also arise if you do not use your body for too long, like with a splint or brace that is on for a long time. Motion restrictions can also happen if you use your body too much, as happens with many athletes.

This piece on truemotionllc.com further breaks down how IASTM treats mobility complaints.

How Do I Find a Quality IASTM Practitioner?

IASTM can be used as a stand-alone treatment or alongside other treatments. This technique is an excellent complement to physical therapy.

If you’re looking up “IASTM near me”, check to see if the practice offers other specializations. Look for a practice with IASTM certification to ensure quality care. Read reviews to check other people’s experiences.

Treat Your Pain With the IASTM Technique

Now you know more about how powerful the IASTM technique can be for pain management. The use of tools will break up old tissues and stimulate blood flow. You can treat chronic pain conditions, surgery complications, and more.

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