Why Are People Afraid of Dentists?

DMV or dentist, which would you rather spend the day at?

If the DMV is the obvious choice for you, you’re not alone. About 26% of American adults have tooth decay that’s currently not being treated. Left unchecked, tooth decay can quickly develop into serious infections that can spread to your heart or brain!

To help you get over your dental phobia, we’ve created this short guide about why people are afraid of dentists. By understanding your fear, you can finally take the action you need to overcome it!

Read on to learn 3 of the top causes for dental phobias.

  1. Shame Involved in Dental Fear

For starters, a lot of people are afraid of dentists because they fear being shamed or scolded in some way. Nobody wants to get “in trouble” for having cavities or delaying care on a dental issue. The fear of being shamed and humiliated can be so extreme, some people choose to put their health at risk.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, the solution is to find a dentist that has great people skills.

Find Customer Service Focused Dentists

While it’s important for dentists to be upfront about your dental needs, a friendly dentist can give constructive criticism that inspires you to take better care of your teeth. If your dentist is giving you helpful advice, along with care options, you need to find a new customer service-oriented dental practice.

  1. Unfamiliar Equipment

Next, it’s also common to get the jitters when you think about the different types of dental equipment that exist. In fact, for a lot of people, being afraid of the dentist has a lot more to do with the machinery and tools, rather than the dentist themselves.

Since knowledge is the ultimate way to stamp out fear, take a moment to research the equipment your dentist will be using. Learn what tools help clean your teeth, and discover the exciting advancements that have been made in dental technology.

  1. Pain Related Dentist Phobia

Do you have a dental phobia that stems from being afraid of pain? To calm your mind, it helps if you focus on breathing steadily. If there’s a song you know well, sing it silently to yourself in your mind. By taking your mind off the task of trying to predict pain, you’ll be able to have a much easier dental visit.

Stop Being Afraid of Dentists

Congrats! Now you know 3 big reasons people are afraid of dentists. After reading this article, do any of the 3 reasons resonate with you?

Perhaps you don’t like all of the instruments your dentist has to use, or maybe it’s the possibility of pain that makes you uncomfortable.

Whatever is causing your fear, recognizing it exists is the first step towards freedom. If you don’t already have a dentist you can trust, start searching for a quality dental practice today. You can even do a pop-in visit. To learn more ways to enjoy your life, read another article.

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