5 Tips for Getting a Personalized License Plate

Getting a personalized license plate is one of the best parts of owning a car. It helps make your car unique and make you feel special. But, it can be a lot of pressure trying to figure out what type of personalization to put on your plate. 

To help you make the best decision, here are 5 quick tips for getting a personalized license plate. 

  1. Lookup Your State’s Restrictions 

When you’re researching custom plate ideas, be sure to look up any restrictions your state may have on license plates. The restrictions differ based on the state, but most states will not approve obscene plates. 

Be mindful that the approval staff will look up the symbols and numbers in the slang dictionary to ensure it’s not offensive. If the DMV rejects your plate, you’ll get a written explanation to explain why. 

There also can be restrictions based on symbols and numbers. For example, in California, you can’t substitute “1” where the letter “I” is already taken. To ensure you don’t waste any time, be sure you know these rules before submitting any paperwork. 

  1. Choose Your Custome Plates Wisely 

The process for getting a personalized license plate involves filling out a form and having it approved by the DMV. Since your license plate will always be on your car when you drive around, be sure it’s something that you’re okay with anyone seeing. 

This includes friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. Though the decision isn’t permanent, it’s helpful to give it some extra thought. 

It’s also always a good idea to look at more info for how else you can customize your car. 

  1. Wait to Change Your Plates Until Renewal Time 

Another key tip when you want a custom plate is to wait until renewal time. Though you can apply for a personalized plate at any time, it’s cheaper to get it during your renewal period. 

Ideally, you should apply for custom plates 3 months before your current plates expire. This saves you from having to pay multiple renewal fees.

  1. Consider Reserving Your Personalized License Plate 

If you’ve brainstormed license plate designs and you know what you want, consider reserving your idea ahead of time. You can reserve your plate for as long as two years. The DMV will not issue duplicate plates, so someone can steal your idea if you do not reserve it. 

  1. Install Theft Proof License Plate Screws 

Custom license plates are more likely to be stolen than traditional license plates. Installing theft-proof screws protects your plates and lessens the chance of someone taking it. 

Keep in mind that the DMV will not re-issue your plate if it’s stolen. You will have to wait until the plate expires to apply for it again. 

Now You Have a Few Tips for Getting a Personalized License Plate 

Applying for a personalized license plate should be a fun process, and you shouldn’t be stressing out about it. Waiting until renewal time to change your plates saves you money and theft-proof screws save it from being stolen. None of these things are required, but it saves you a future headache. 

So, if you already know what you want, why wait? Apply for your personalized license plate today! 

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