Help, My Driveway Is Broken: 4 Benefits of Driveway Resurfacing

Did you know that enhancing your home’s curb appeal can add as much as 10% to its value?

Your mind might automatically turn to repainting and landscaping, but there’s another way to improve your home’s appearance. When was the last time you considered driveway resurfacing to freshen its look?

Whether it’s asphalt, brick, or concrete, driveway refinishing can do wonders for curb appeal. Here are four reasons to consider hiring a concrete resurfacer in your town.

  1. Repair Cracks and Flaws

Over time, extreme weather, tree roots, and other factors can affect the integrity of your driveway. If minor cracks have appeared, you may be able to repair them yourself.

Start by applying a generous dollop of crack filler directly into the cracks in your driveway. Smooth it out with a putty knife until it’s flush with the rest of the surface.

What about repairing major cracks or flaws? Unless you already know how to resurface concrete, call a professional for their opinion and you should be choosing limestone sealing service.

  1. Correct or Revive Coloring

There are countless things that can discolor your driveway over time. Uneven sun exposure, oil and grease stains, or improper color application can tarnish the appearance of your driveway.

A new coat of water-based or acid-based stain can restore your driveway to its former luster. Choose a UV-resistant product and finish it with a high-quality sealant. This should protect your driveway’s appearance for years to come.

  1. Lift Sunken Concrete

Depending on your locale, you might experience soil erosion or a poorly compacted subgrade. Tree roots and sinkholes can also cause your driveway to sink or buckle.

Not only is this unsightly, but it’s potentially dangerous. A driveway that’s sagging or sinking could become a major hazard to anyone who walks or drives on it. Driveway resurfacing will keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe.

Important note: Even if you’re the DIY type, this job is better left to the pros. Contact a paving contractor in your area

  1. Give Your Curb Appeal a Boost

Want to jazz up your home’s exterior? Trade out that boring driveway slab for a colorful or patterned concrete overlay.

This is an ideal way to disguise minor flaws and imperfections. It also provides a long-lasting, durable overlay that won’t chip or peel.

Choose a stain in an attractive color that complements your home’s color and landscape features. Make it look like real stone with a stamped faux finish in a slate, cobblestone, or flagstone design. You’ll never go back to a boring old driveway again!

Is It Time to Consider Driveway Resurfacing?

If your driveway is cracked, faded, or sunken, it’s time to seriously consider professional driveway resurfacing.

Not only will this make your driveway safer and more attractive, but it will boost your home’s value and curb appeal for years to come.

Now that you know more about concrete driveway resurfacing, what’s next? Our site is full of great tips and advice, so stick around and keep browsing!

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