How to Buy Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Clothing on a Budget

Shopping sustainably should be one of the highest factors on our radar for when we’re browsing around for a couple of new threads in 2020. Fashion, particularly fast fashion, is one of the biggest global contributors to climate change, so it’s fair to say that it was about time we changed our ways and started to think about what it is we’re adding to our carts. Putting your dollar towards responsibly made, beautifully designed, sustainable clothing is infinitely better than throwing some hard earned cash at a cheap trend piece that you’ll wear once and forget about quickly, if it lasts beyond the first few outings of course. Here’s exactly how to go about switching up your shopping routine next time you get that retail therapy itch…

Choose Eco-Friendly Fibres 

First things first, you’ll need to have a serious look at what your clothes are made out of. Fibre production, dying and water consumption are three of the biggest red flags in the clothing creating process. If your pieces are crafted from conscious textiles, fibres and fabrics, then they’re going to be far better for the environment and for your skin right out of the gate. Look for ethically made, eco-friendly fibres such as organic cotton material, grade A cashmere, alpaca and linen for fabulous alternatives – environmentally friendly fibres don’t exactly cost an arm and a leg either so this one should really be easy. 

Focus on Recycled Materials 

Recycled materials avoid the unnecessary contribution to the creation of new fabrics, metal ware and other small details that you hardly even notice on an item of clothing. Look for clothing that uses at least one component of recycled fashion, it might not seem like something that has a massive impact on the environment, but every little bit of conscious consumption helps far more than you think it might, promise. 

Always Go For Classic Cuts, Colours and Styles 

Another key element to ethical shopping is to ensure that you’re investing in pieces that you’ll get plenty of wear out of for many, many years to come. That’s right, years! We are all far too happy forking out for poorly made pieces that only withstand one season, both in style and in substance. We can actually save ourselves money in the long run by purchasing classic cuts, colours and materials that won’t fall subject to the ever changing trends of the fashion world. Keep it classic, chic and environmentally kind, that’s always in style!

Keep an Eye on Ethical Elements 

Sometimes, shopping ethically means more than just keeping an eye on what kind of threads a company chooses to use – it means taking a step back and checking out the brand and its operations as a whole. This includes diving into their treatment of employees, factory conditions, where clothing is manufactured and who they choose to collaborate with in the world of PR and celebrity. All of these elements are part of the package that you’re effectively paying for, so school yourself on it! Once you find a few brands that you know and love, this one becomes far easier to follow. 

Minimise Your Global Footprint 

Finally, where you can, try to shop local more than you shop worldwide. We’re very lucky in this corner of the world, we have so many gorgeous contemporary Australian brands that create some seriously stylish and sustainable collections. By shopping local, you’re not only supporting the domestic market and creative culture, you’re also minimising your global fashion footprint. 

Follow these tips to curate a cute and fashion forward wardrobe that’s as cool as it is environmentally kind. 

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