Map My Route: Enhance Your Sales Journey with RepMove

Today, doing business involves using all the possible benefits of civilization in order to maximize the optimization of trading activities. It’s not enough just to sell a quality product. Successful merchants keep up with the times and lay out the most productive routes, create efficient logistics for their actions, distribute responsibilities between different sales representatives and always come first to the goal – successful sales.

These are the options offered by RepMove – your assistant in building trade routes, the creator of an effective and productive system of trade transactions based on the analysis of many indicators and high-quality movement planning.

Application with unique features

The RepMove application gives you options to build the ideal and most productive route, organize multiple sales representatives, import and export data from various databases, integrate accounts and sales appointments calendar. The main functionality is a multi stop route planner – the creation of a personal map of the route of a sales representative, which involves a systematic vision of his activities, allows you to take into account all possible factors that affect the speed of movement of an employee and can reduce the productivity of his work. The use of geolocation systems, constantly updated maps will provide interactive control over the activities of a sales representative and improve his work!

The team is your reliable assistant

Support from the team manifests itself in the operation of the application. It all starts with a website where there are clear and simple instructions for using the application and frequently asked questions, a lot of useful tips in trading activities in general. The site has an interactive format element where you can easily contact a team representative to clarify any points related to the use of the application.

The consultants on the site  are always tolerant and true professionals in the field of sales planning and their technical support. With this application, you will always be satisfied and efficient in trading.

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