The Brief and Only Hiking Packing List You’ll Ever Need

There are over 61 million hikers in the U.S, which shows how popular this pastime is.

Unlike with other sports, it’s important to be prepared for hiking so you have an unforgettable experience. Luckily, once you know where you’re going and the terrain, packing will become a breeze. Perhaps you’ve got a hiking trip around the corner and you’re looking for a list of supplies as guidance.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our hiking packing list.

Food and Water 

Whether you’re considering mountain day trips or traveling across the coast, you should come prepared with enough food and water. Make sure you bring bottles and a purifier or chemical treatment so you get steady access to water. Aside from easy-to-cook meals, pack an extra day’s supply of food and snacks like trail mix or granola bars for energy.

Clothing and Footwear 

Everyone in the vacation industry emphasizes the importance of checking the weather forecast so you’re prepared for the conditions, especially if you’re mountain hiking at a higher altitude.

In general, bring along moisture-wicking clothes, including t-shirts, underwear, and socks. You should also choose quick-drying apparel so you can wash your belongings without worrying about them getting damp. Further, bring a lightweight jacket and comfortable hiking boots that you’ve broken in beforehand.

And if you’re visiting a hot climate or during the warmer months, pack a hat to prevent dehydration or overheating.

Health and Hygiene

Make sure everyone in your group has the right toiletries so they’re comfortable. At the very least, pack hand sanitizer, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and toilet paper. You should also bring any prescription medications and sanitation towels if necessary.

Further, hikers should pack sunscreen, SPF lip balm, and sunglasses, especially if you’re hiking during the summer.

Navigation Tools

Anyone going hiking should have a range of navigation tools ready. Aside from using an offline GPS, pack a map and keep it inside a waterproof sleeve so it’s safe. You should also bring a guidebook, watch, and compass, as these will help you keep track of where you are.

Emergency and First Aid 

One major part of your hiking essentials is your emergency supplies. You’ll notice that all blogs based around the travel industry stress the importance of bringing a first-aid kid, lighter or matches, and an emergency shelter, even if you’ve got a tent. And don’t forget to give loved ones a copy of your route so they know where to go if there’s an accident.

Enjoy Our Hiking Packing List Today

Hopefully, you’ll use our hiking packing list as a guideline for your next exciting trip.

Being prepared is crucial, which is why hikers should bring the right clothes, toiletries, and first-aid kit for peace of mind. You should also choose from a range of navigation tools and pack enough food and water for the trip. Have fun on your adventure!

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