The Development Stage and Future Development Trend of Scaffolding

China currently uses steel tube scaffolding for high-altitude construction. It has become the alternative of the traditional bamboo scaffolding after the liberation of China. It has gone through more than 80 years of history today. The current development trend in the world is that aluminum alloy scaffolding replaces traditional steel tube scaffolding.

China currently uses steel pipe materials to manufacture scaffolds, such as fastener steel pipe scaffolds, bowl-buckle steel pipe scaffolds, socket steel pipe scaffolds, portal scaffolds, as well as a variety of inner scaffolds, hanging scaffolds and other steel pipe scaffolds (For more scaffolding products please visit Durascf). Starting from its material and construction, it can be roughly divided as follows:

According to the material of the rod:

1. Scaffolding with single specification steel pipe. It uses only one type of steel pipe, such as fastener-type steel pipe scaffold, and only uses Ф48 × 3.5 welded steel pipe.

2. Scaffolding with a variety of steel pipe combinations. It consists of more than two steel tubes of different specifications, such as a portal scaffold.

3. Scaffolding mainly made of steel pipes. It is mainly composed of steel pipes and supplemented by other steel rods, such as scaffolds with channel steel top brackets or bases, and scaffolds with steel plates. Shelf tubes, construction tubes, are usually used to make scaffolds on construction sites, and are rolled into products after hot-rolled strip steel is processed. On modern construction sites, the shelf tube has been widely used, and its figure can be seen everywhere. In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization construction, the demand for shelf tubes has also increased. At the same time, the country has introduced some measures to encourage the development of the shelf tube industry. Among them, the emphasis is on the development of shelf tubes in the construction engineering profession. The shelf tubes used in building construction have a wide variety of requirements and a wide range of options. Therefore, shelf tube manufacturers have accelerated the pace of reorganization to establish the leading position of shelf tube companies in the market.

The development trend of the shelf tube industry will develop as the market changes. The operation and management of an enterprise has changed from a single-target development in the past to a scientific and unified management. The formation of commercial concrete pumped cast-in-place reinforced concrete structural system has promoted the application of formwork supports with high space and large span. In the construction of the project, the organization design of formwork supports and high-rise scaffolding has become more and more obvious. Because of its simple and reasonable structure, ingenious design, safe, fast, being easy to use, transport, store and maintain, it has achieved three firsts in the development history of shelf tubes at that time:

The first who realizes that there are no moving parts on the shelf tube. The first who has achieved China’s independent intellectual property rights for the overall new shelf tube.

The first who has realized that the shelf tube does not have any special locking parts in the structure. So far, this product has been well received by users at home and abroad, and is favored by domestic road and bridge, municipal, housing construction and other units.

At present, some developed countries in the world and Hong Kong and Macao in China are paying more and more attention to the safety of construction. And because the traditional steel pipe scaffolding is too bulky, the installation efficiency of workers is low, resulting in a substantial increase in construction costs. These regions have begun to gradually use aluminum alloy scaffolding to replace traditional steel tube scaffolding. The design of aluminum alloy scaffolding is scientific, quick to build and disassemble, lightweight, stable, and safe. It has greatly improved compared with traditional steel tube scaffolding. Therefore, before China’s liberation, bamboo scaffolding was replaced by steel tube scaffolding, and now the steel tube scaffolding has been replaced by aluminum alloy scaffolding. This is a historical trend of future development.

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